Benedict Benediction Exercise

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Lesson Six:
Exercise 1: 1) Platitude 2) Venerate 3) Hubris 4) Accoutrement 5) Antediluvian
Exercise 2: 1) The thief found himself in an imbroglio when he released he did not have any mask on to hide his identity as a thief. 2) Our Sectarian neighbors seldom speak to us because they feel our beliefs differ to strongly 3) The corrupt police commissioner often made the sanctimonious claim that he was doing the right thing to fight crime. 4) Peregrination was the most common form of transportation before Automobiles 5) Kevin left the country club because he didn’t like the way in which haughty members treated the workers. 6) Ashley bought the new dress but she still needed
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The noisy changes for the most part, mean violence and disruption. The roar of storms and tornadoes, the explosions of volcanoes, the crash of thunder, are the result of a sudden break in the equipoise of the elements, from a condition of comparative repose and silence they have become fearfully swift and audible. The still small voice is the voice of life and growth and perpetuity. In the history of a nation, it is the same.” I agree with this statement in its entirety. Nature and civilization do grow and advance at the same time, because they are intertwined. Human civilization grows silently and violently. The changes of where people live and who owns a certain terrain is decided by violence. Most land disputes were settled with bloodshed and war and still happen today. However in technological advances and how

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