Beneficial Management Contributions

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Every organization begins with a dream. A dream created by entrepreneurial minds at work. When an organization is put together a person's vision is coming to life. The same vision foreseen in their dreams is becoming a reality. This is amazing but can be very scary as well as there are numerous risks involved that can bring on the worse of out comes; a shattered vision. A valuable key to ensure the vision does not crumble at it's very foundation is management. Management is "the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals" ( Bateman, and Snell). Now we must ask, is there one fool proof management blueprint to guide the way to an organization's inevitable success? As wonderful as that would be…show more content…
Douglas McGregor was born in 1906. In McGregor's earlier years he worked with his grandfather at his institute for transient laborers in Detroit. During this time McGregor formed a close relationship with Abraham Maslow and was greatly influenced by his work. He became influenced by scientific management and thought in terms of the larger picture. During this time McGregor developed his greatest contribution to management, the X-Y theory. The X-Y theory is included in organization behavior. "Organizational behavior studies and identifies management activities that promote employee effectiveness through an understanding of the complex nature of individual, group, and organizational process." (Bateman, Snell). The X-Y theory says that there are two types of managers differentiating in management style. Theory X says the average employee dislikes working and if at all possible, would avoid working. Because of their nonexistent desire to work, management must apply force with threats of punishment to enable the employee to work towards organizational goals. Management must continually observe the worker to ensure they are doing as they are told. Theory Y says that people will willingly apply themselves in their work. They will apply self control and
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