Benefit Cost Analysis Of Social Programs. Child, Youth,

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BENEFIT COST ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL PROGRAMS CHILD, YOUTH, AND FAMILY PROGRAMS MAYA BOZKURT SPRING 2017 Abstract This paper examines the benefit cost analyses of youth, children, and family programs by means of investigating previous studies in the area and comparing benefit cost analyses of different programs. Benefit cost analysis (BCA) of these programs differ from BCA of infrastructure, health or environmental programs due to the mental and intangible consequences. This paper addresses the main principles applied in BCA and procedural steps. It also compares BCA of programs conducted by nonprofit and government organizations. The strength and challenges of BCAs in family, child and youth programs are also assessed. I reached to a…show more content…
For the public programs, BCA is recommended by legislators. According to Circular A-94, for formal assessments of federal programs BCA is recommended since it is a more comprehensive method than the cost-effectiveness analysis (Circular A-94, 2016, pg.1) Social programs consist of many different kind of programs including general welfare, education, housing, senior programs, social security benefits, health, youth, children, family, etc. Since social programs refer to a very broad category, I limited my study to youth, child, and family programs. In this paper I will explain the literature review I made on BCA applications of youth, children, and family programs. In the first part of my study, I will give some background information about BCA of such programs. In the latter part, I will explain how BCA is applied to those programs. At the third part of my paper, I will give examples from BCA done before and will compare these analyses. The next part of my paper will consist of challenges that researchers face during the BCA of youth, child, and family programs and recommendations from some different studies. Finally, I will summarize my findings. 2. Background Decision makers attach particular importance to BCA for the choices between the youth, child, and family programs as time passes (Karoly,2008, pg.iii). Implementing social programs more
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