Benefit Of School Lunches

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School lunches and all its benefits are not required to be given to the students. The government kindly provides healthy lunches to millions schools around the country. At the same time open campus lunch exercises students freedom of what they can choose. Students need to learn for themselves, what choices to make, and improve off of their last. The choices outside of school make school lunch look like prison food. There’s a lot more healthy choices outside of the school’s cafeteria.
To get things started off, school lunches are provided at a very low cost, even free to the families with low income. I guess you can say these lunches are blessings in disguise, they feed many children who unfortunately have no meals to eat at home. Food is what
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They also force students to stay inside of the cafeteria with limited choices. As of 2016 approximately 17% of American children and teens were obese, a three-fold increase since 1980. One-third were either overweight or obese, including almost 40% of African American and Hispanic children(Alic, Margaret). The United States has had obesity problems for as long as I can remember, but nothing is helping these numbers decrease. To add to this, newer schools are being made with tiny kitchens for one purpose, to reheat pre made meals. A lot of schools do not have the necessary plumbing and wiring that’s needed to make meals from scratch. “Growing fear of handling raw meat and spreading food-borne illnesses, such as E. coli and salmonella, further hampered efforts to improve school lunches.”(Alic, Margaret). No efforts are being made to better the meals, But we haven’t done nothing different for the past decade. If students have been complaining for decades why not change the food or bring more choices to the plate. Put yourself in our position, if you had the funds, would you want to eat frozen meals every day for a whole school year. It makes it worse when it’s the same food every week. "Schools lose money every day because it costs more money to prepare meals than the reimbursement they get from the federal government," says Donald Schumacher, M.D.(Bornstein, Adams). The school
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