Benefit Of Space Exploration

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Since the humans being are educated, they have been fascinated to explore the space. By, the time, astronauts took their step on the moon. Now, it becomes more crucial subject to find the life on another planet. Astronauts are more focusing on a study of space. So, we are able to know about the earth and development of technology. I am for space exploration because it creates jobs, promotes education, new technology.
One important benefit of Space exploration is it creates jobs. Space exploration is a study of space and needs huge technology. Going to explore space means need a lot of effort and more employee. By the time, they need a more educated person for more study. According to Narayanan M. Komerath. “Space jobs are typically regarded as exciting, high-tech jobs that pay well and offer a good work environment. The prestige factor is high, starting from the Apollo program days and the public perception of “rocket scientists.” A lot of people interested in doing a job in space exploration. They need to study in college about space exportation. Colleges need to open is a major for space exportation that means it creates jobs in colleges. College and universities should be established which create a direct job for professors. There are numbers of students who can do a better performance with job activities enhance with exploration. High educated people hire to create the parts of the rocket and to make engines. There will be developments in technology. Market’s product

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