Benefit of Telemedicine

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Nowadays, telemedicine, which is defined as using of telecommunication technology to provide clinical care to individuals at distant sites and the transmission of medical and surgical information and images needed to provide that care (Mosby’s Medical dictionary, 8th edition, 2009), has become a powerful tool in the world to enhance better health care due to widespread of modern technology. In developing countries, remote areas seem to be isolated and lack of qualified doctors or physicians as well as equipments, that’s why telemedicine will be provided a potential benefits to them. This essay will highlight prodigious benefits of telemedicine.
The most important advantages of telemedicine is allowing long-distant people to access
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1529). More notably, over long term period, telemedicine can save billions of dollars for healthcare services (Premiere Telemedicine, 2008, Internet).
Secondly, telemedicine provides a great opportunity to improve medical knowledge and practices. It is designed to help local healthcare practitioners and physicians broaden their knowledge and they can be trained and guided by local and international specialists to practice in the real work. In Cambodia, 2 telemedicine clinic projects in Robib village and Ratanakiri Referral Hospital were cooperated not only with Harvard associated medical doctors and Sihanouk Hospital Centre of Hope but also partner in Massachusetts. If medical staffs or doctors face difficulties whether in dealing with health problems or cannot confirm diagnosis of patient’s illness, they can access through email based telemedicine program to discuss with expertise or physicians (Heinzelman, 2011, Internet). In addition, India’s telemedicine also provides an opportunity to doctors to build up their education and skill through interaction with expert via satellite based tele-link and linking with Medical Institution with Specialty Hospitals and Research Centres (ISRO, 2005, Internet). As a result, medical staffs can dramatically improve their education and training through the telemedicine process.
The last but not least, telemedicine enables home
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