Benefits And Adverse Effects Of Birth Control

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Benefits and Adverse Effects of Birth Control in Women 18-35
Yekaterina Rabinskaya
Since the invention of contraceptive methods, scientists have been looking for methods to benefit the process of birth control. We have found some ways in controlling conception and providing women the benefit of either taking an oral dose, injectable dose, or having outpatient surgical procedures that prevents pregnancy either indefinitely or for an extension of several years at a time. In this project, I will discuss if the oral type of birth control is beneficial and if the adverse effects are evident enough to compel the cessation of such preventative methods.
With approval of birth control in United States, there has been a major turning point in the country. Introduction of birth control techniques provide women in the United States with an effective, reversible and convenient technique of contraception which made real prospect of the reliably childbearing in the country (Goldin & Katz, 2002). Access to reliable birth control measures has permitted women to plan when to get pregnant, when to give birth as well as how to space their children in case they become parents. Apparently, the new norms for birth control technique continue evolving and are expected to continue gaining popularity all over the world. To be more specific, birth control has helped women develop economically especially in business sector for the past 85 years. Moreover, while the wage gap
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