Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Employees

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perform each job. While training each employee in each area is time consuming it has many benefits to the employees and to the business. By allowing employees to rotate though the different jobs in the restaurant it helps prevent employee burn out in some of the higher stress areas of the business. The cash register is one of these areas; employees are expected to have a constant outgoing, happy appearance with customers and having to deal with the never ending calls for takeout increases stress. On the other hand it allows for increased flexibility and shift coverage for the business owner. For instance, if one employee calls out sick and that employee were scheduled to be the pizza maker for that night, it would be relatively easy to shift another worker or call someone in to cover that position. This increased flexibility takes stress off of the business owner and the employees. The owner also does a good job at trying to give employees the opportunity for job enlargement; he allows employees to come up with specialty pizzas not on the menu for the week, and whichever employee has the bestselling pizza at the end of the month gets some kind of bonus. By allowing employees to use their creativity it keeps them involved and caring for the business; which in turn improves the bottom line and efficiency of the company. The design and structure that an owner uses in structuring their business can also affect how employees view the business, positive or negative. The
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