Benefits And Benefits Of Flexible Working

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Across the globe flexible working ways are increasingly becoming the norms in the business world. The advantages offered by flexible work timings are many ranging from improved profitability of the organization to better work life balance. Today’s generation professionals are more driven by the work benefits and the quality of life they get in an organization rather than salary scale and their new technologically driven lifestyle questions the traditional 9 A.M to 5 P.M office timing criteria. Flexible working is also believed to be the driver of global economic growth worldwide with governments in various countries calling for changes in work practices. We have analysed the practices related to flexible work timings followed by some…show more content…
To shed some light on the fact that flexible work timing can bring some actual value into the business we have collected data from across various private and public firms in India. Role of Human Resource Management (HRM) The role of HRM in Indian organizations has evolved as time passed by to sustain in today’s highly competitive world. The general functions of HRM are as follows Functions of Human Resource Management One of the important functions Human Resource (HR) managers should focused on is retaining critical resource. Bringing flexibility in the working environment is one of the solutions. IKEA, one of the world largest furniture manufacturers understood the significance of flexible work practices. In the early 2000s, the organization implemented various initiatives to promote work life balance and work diversity. Some of the initiatives taken by the company are related to flexible work design, work life quality, employee benefits and employee training and development. HCL’s tagline “Employee First, Customers Second” initiated by Vineet Nayar is one of the famous HRM practices to improve the work life. It involves employees in various activities beyond work. It provides a platform to interact with the CEO. It aids the employees in voicing their opinions directly to the CEO. The company has introduced an intra-social network where the employees can interact with each other to facilitate
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