Benefits And Benefits Of Kinesiology

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Kinesiology And Why It Can Benefit You People are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to not only take care of their health, but to do so in a natural way. This is why there is a renewed interested in Kinesiology, a practice that was founded back in 1976 already. More and more people are discovering every day that the natural health care system of Kinesiology is able to improve not only their health, but also their vitality and wellbeing. However, there are also still people who are unsure or unaware of what a huge benefit Kinesiology can be. What Exactly Is Kinesiology? Kinesiology is a system that enables practitioners to apply a range of healing techniques that are not only powerful, but also very gentle. It combines muscle monitoring along with Chinese…show more content…
Kinesiology is not only a holistic therapy, but also has practitioners who specialize in different forms of Kinesiology. While all of them make use of the muscle testing their techniques might differ slightly. In addition to classical Kinesiology, the Kinesiology Federation recognizes branches such as creative Kinesiology, Wellness Kinesiology, Progressive Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology, Creative Kinesiology and Health Kinesiology. When Kinesiology therapy is used for health problems the focus is usually on physical and mental ailments. Back pain, injuries, digestive problems, common aches and pains, and chronic fatigue are all examples of physical ailments commonly treated by Kinesiology. Mental ailments include learning disabilities, emotional stress, depression, phobias and fears, past trauma and others. Other issues that have been successfully treated by Kinesiology include behavioral problems, communication abilities, sleep disorders, anxiety and even ADD/ADHD. Even children who suffer from problems such as stuttering, bed wetting and clumsiness can benefit from Kinesiology to assist them and help build their

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