Benefits And Benefits Of Pgd

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Benefits of PGD
• PGD can test for more than 100 different genetic conditions. Some of the conditions tested for are life threatening or will adversely affect the way the individual and its parents will live, so therefore a ‘healthy’ (free of the disorder tested for) baby can be selected and implanted.
• The procedure is executed before implantation which allows the couple to decide if they wish to continue with the pregnancy. Therefore, the couple would not have to consider ending the pregnancy once it is established, or go through an entire pregnancy then have a baby born with a severe genetic disorder.
• The procedure enables couples to pursue biological children who might not have done so otherwise. Sometimes the reason miscarriages occur is due to the baby having a particular chromosomal abnormality. When women are older, this can make the genetic material in your eggs more likely to go wrong during fertilisation. A chromosomal defect in your baby is therefore more likely to happen and this increases the likelihood of miscarriage, even recurrent miscarriage.

Disadvantages of PGD
• PGD does not always result in pregnancy, and is a long, physically and emotionally demanding process to go through and not have it result in a pregnancy.
• PGD is significantly more expensive than conceiving a pregnancy the usual way and undergoing prenatal testing
• The PGD technology is still considered experimental, so technically long term effects are unknown.
• There is a small

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