Benefits And Benefits Of Retirement Programs

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Competition in the workforce, too, would be changed. For example, in choosing between two job applicants for one position, one applicant being normal and one applicant having a sort of neural implant that allows for improved data processing, the latter individual would be hired hands-down (Allhoff 20), even if they were both equally qualified for the job without the enhancement. Practically, too, enhancements can lead to problems. If an enhancement existed that extended a human’s lifetime by twenty or thirty years, though it may have initially seemed beneficial, many retirement programs would have to be revamped to account for their clients living twenty to thirty years longer. Healthcare, employment, and even retirement itself would have to be completely changed as a result of the new enhancement. This, in turn, would ripple down to the younger generations by presenting fewer available jobs, influencing where their parents lived, and so on (Allhoff 19). Not to mention, there would be millions more people living on Earth, which would present some logistical issues as well as some ethical concerns. The very fabric of society would have to change as a result of enhancements, and though enhancements are not dangerous in themselves, great care would have to be taken to prevent them from becoming too influential for their own good.
This leads to an intriguing question. If human enhancement can lead to a minor disunity in teams, business, and other organizations between
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