Benefits And Benefits Of Soft Profits

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Saving cost in terms of discharges and unnecessary costs are examples of “soft profits” (ROI). Some examples would include improved overall staff satisfaction and better patient satisfaction with improved quality of care. For instance, my workplace has over 100 patients total among the three practices. Every patient has an electronic medical record for their health history, dental history and x-rays. Stated by, (Cleverly, Song, & Cleverly, pg. 143, 2011), most public utility-type regulatory models permit the earning of a reasonable rate of (ROI) to ensure the capital can be replaced. The (EMR) are utilized beneficial ways to increase profit gains, in the dental practice and other health care organizations to reduce errors, eliminate…show more content…
Overall, the challenges will outweigh the advantages of the (EMR) since it takes diligent time, effort, and effective team work for the project to work. According to, (Cleverly, Song, & Cleverly, pg. 293, 2011), it’s vital to learn to calculate ROI along program lines, financial data on revenues, expenses, and investment must be available along program lines. The rewards of (EMR) are unsurpassed with the cost-savings, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced amount of errors. Careful monitoring of the (EMR) and technology software requires ample security of and monitoring with lock measures within the software. The endless advantages as well as reliable benefits of (EMR)’s implemented in health care organizations for profit increase and superior patient satisfaction. Technology continues to grow and (EMR) have the ability to produce positive results not only for financial gain, but for return on investment. Factors of Justification of Expenditure First of all, the factors compiled in the justification of expenditure which can be analyzed through a primary care physician in an ambulatory setting known as Partners Healthcare System. Ultimately, the study involved a hypothetical primary care provider, patient panel utilizing average statistics only on the institutions listed. This study entailed “2500
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