Benefits And Benefits Of The Performance

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Holographic performances are a convenient method to boost profits for event companies and partners such as promotion companies and contractual businesses. They do not have to pay out large sums to high profile musicians and tickets sold are expensive. “It is estimated that a two-year world tour featuring the digital Michael Jackson could rake in half a billion dollars” (Sherwell, 2014). With such profit potential, it is likely that the popularity of holograms will increase among event organisers. Arguably, technology does increase the ease of making a profit in some aspects. A current issue within the industry stems from ticket resale websites. In the circumstances of popular artists, tickets can sell out in minutes only to be resold for dramatically increased prices. “Tickets for Brand New’s June tour sold out within seconds at 9am this morning leaving many fans disappointed and then angered to find tickets immediately for sale on secondary sites for more than £200” (Shepherd, 2015).There is little doubt that the internet assists with the convenience of purchasing tickets, however this primarily affects the dedicated fans who are unable to obtain a ticket. Hatsune Miku is an extreme example of how easily profit can be made with advanced technology. “The idol has generated more than 10 billion yen (about US$120.28 million) in revenue since she was first introduced five years ago” (Hodgkins, 2012). She is the first million-selling android doll and thousands…
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