Benefits And Benefits Of The Technology

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Next step after the identification of benefit, advantages and benefits of the technology, opportunities can be spotted using the ‘5 ws plus H’ technique. This technique use questions ‘Who?, What?, Why?, Where?, When?, Where?, What? and How?’ to identify what we know, what might we know and what might we have to considered for our business Idea (Bragg and Brag, 2005).

1.2.2 5 Ws plus H technique
• Who:
• Who might use this technology?
• Enterprise
Enterprise will be likely to use this technology. In 2017 In-memory database might be used by 30 percent of enterprises (Dutta and Bilbao-Osorio 2012, vom Brocke et al. 2013, p. 152).
• Small and Medium Enterprise that cannot afford to buy expensive In-memory solution (Schaffer et al., 2011).
• Data driven business
Number of Information produced has overtaken Moore’s law in early of the century (Philip Chen and Zhang, 2014). CPU performances growth is imbalance with I/O growth and become problem in existing computer architecture (Hey et al. 2009, cited in Philip Chen and Zhang, 2014, p.19). In-Memory analytics can solve this problem by extremely reducing I/O latency (vom Brocke et al., 2013).
• Who might purchase this technology?
• Current potential customer: Currently In-memory technology is more suitable for small or medium enterprise (Haji, 2011). This is due to price of memory.
• Future potential customer: Enterprise with data more than small and medium enterprise.
Price of Memory will decrease significantly and buy a large…
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