Benefits And Benefits Of Unpaid Internship

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In today’s paper-chase society, graduates are continuously on the search for prestigious job which meet their expectations. Most major firms offer internship opportunities which give the student first-hand experience, providing a chance for them to immerse in the work, culture and the company business. Many people may argue that it is justifiable to have unpaid internship, because the opportunity to learn a specific skill inside a well-known company is priceless. However I beg to differ, the justification for unpaid internship is relatively weak, and no one should have to work for free especially in the case of profit-making companies.
Undeniably, one should seize any internship opportunities as it can fill up a specific skill gap on one’s resume, and this can not be monetised. The candidate can have an insight look about the job scope, and gain real-world experience before they completing their academia. In addition, internship also can serve as a stepping stone for full time employment with major firms, mounting attention has been channeled towards the soft skills aspect of each candidate. According to a survey by Talent Q(2014), part of Hay Group, nine in ten employers believes that graduates with soft skills will become increasingly important as globalisation speeds up. Further than that the majority of employers surveyed by the Hay Group in 2014 believe that entry-level graduates aren’t prepared for the working world and 80% of them were struggling to find graduates…
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