Benefits And Benefits Of Youth Sport Essay

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Being involved with athletics at a young age is typically looked at as being a good activity that gets children involved and gets them out for their 60 minutes of play a day. Little do many people know, there are many benefits to youth sport than just a child’s daily exercise. Along with there being many positives and benefits to youth sport, there are also negatives that can come about. Many of the benefits include physical, psychological, intellectual, and social benefits. Some of the negatives that can occur from youth sport are the possibilities of loss of self-confidence, frustration, burnout, and injuries. There are many ways to try and make sure that the youth reap all of the benefits from sport at a young age and there are certain elements that coaches, parents, and teachers should take to maximize the befits of sport.
It is important for children to be involved in sport because active participation helps children develop skills. Research shows that there are many physical benefits to youth sport. Some of the developments that a child can make from participation in sport are agility, coordination, endurance, flexibility, speed, and strength (Taskforce, 2013). The research from “Maximizing the Benefits of Youth Sport” says that there are more specific developments that children develop from sport. The specific developments include: enhanced functioning and health of cardiorespiratory and muscular systems, improved flexibility, mobility, and coordination, increased
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