Benefits And Challenges Of A Project Management Methodologies And Certification

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This essay explores evidence for the benefits and challenges that an increased interest in project management methodologies and certification present to the theory and practice of change throughout, making use of academic literature. As well as providing evidence for the stated increased interest, it defines the terms pertinent to the discussion: Project management (PM), PM methodologies, bodies of knowledge and certification. It also defines Change management (CM), theory and practice. It turns to the literature to understand the history of PM, its attraction, its relationship to CM – including the debate on boundaries between these disciples. It sets out the basis of toolkits and methodologies basis (or otherwise) in theory, the evolution of PM from a purely scientific and rational bias of tools and techniques toward the social and behavioural aspects of project management more associated with CM. Finally it discusses evidence for the relationship between use of methodologies, certification and successful outcomes.
It is important at the outset to define the key concepts being discussed. There is a proliferation of definitions of both change management and project management in academic and practitioner literature. These have developed from business, psychology, engineering and other fields, and been influenced by developments outside academia, for example, government sponsorship of particular approaches (UK government and PRINCE 2) and the recently emerging…
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