Benefits And Challenges Of Having A Diverse Work Force

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With so many people entering the US from different backgrounds and different countries, and with more woman entering the workforce, and a younger generations joining the workforce, it is important for a company to be diverse among the many people working with in it. In this essay, I will identify the benefits, and challenges of having a diverse work force and what I believe a company could do to overcome the challenges of employing such a diverse amount of employees. Having a diverse workforce is very important, people of different genders, age, religion and ethnicity may all bring something to the table in their previous work experience. When companies focus on having a diverse work force within their company, there is more opportunity for enhanced creativity, better ideas, and increased productivity. When people of different backgrounds work together, they each bring a different set of eyes, opinions, and experiences to the table. A company benefits from the teamwork that all employees brainstorm and do together. When a company employs people of different cultures, religions and languages, they offer their customers a wider range of employees to interact with. Customer service is a very important part aspect of a company, and if the customers are able to build a customer service relations ship with someone similar to themselves, the customers may feel as if the company has more to offer them then a competitor who does not have such a diverse work force. For example, an
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