Benefits And Costs Of Gambling Industry

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INTRODUCTION Although the development of human civilization is accelerating, the gambling is one of the of the oldest entertainment industries all over the world which does not change dating back to the ancient times. Taking the United States gambling history as an example, “In America, colonial legislatures authorized 157 lotteries from the 1740s through 1776 to assist governments and other institutions. The first legal casinos of the modern era opened in Nevada in 1931. The country’s first lottery, in New Hampshire, began in 1964.” (Schwartz 43) Whatever the gambling is legal or illegal, it exists in the society for such a long history. The gambling is an outstanding and magic entertainment approach to have a leisure time or reduce the pressure from the duty work and a fast profit model for the investors from the beginning to nowadays. The trend would be sustained or even developed faster and bigger in the future. The patterns and forms of gambling are evolved age by age. The gambling has affected the development of society a lot, including plenty of benefits and costs. They are many types of gambling patterns existed in current society, such as pari-mutuel, lottery, slots, cardroom, Indian Casino, Commercial Casino, greyhound racing, horse racing and so forth. The high reward and low investment always attract more and more people to join in the gambling to try their fortune, lucky enough or unlucky. Gamblers’ fluke mind and…
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