Benefits And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has become ever more popular and gradually integrated into life. From maximizing business efficiency to a deeper understanding of users' perceptions of brands, services, and products, artificial intelligence (AI) applications are almost limitless. The tourism industry is also facing the demand for rapid development in the "smart travel" model thanks to the support of technology, to create and provide the best service for travelers. With the abundance of data available, today there are a large number of technologies and recommendations applications, chatbot and personalized services which originally based on artificial intelligence to improve travelers' experience. BIG DATA/ ADVANCED DATA ANALYTICS: Analyzes are usually …show more content…

Technology can calculate the customer's demand for any type of travel, preferences for travel activities, places, types of shopping, or type of accommodation that guests typically choose. The software will suggest you the time, place of departure, trip …show more content…

But it is also a challenge for mankind to master the technology before machine learning will change what we do, how we use it, how we use it for work and play, consumption mode ... because we are forced to connect to the electronic system. And for the tourism industry, in the trend of Artificial Intelligence is able to provide a perfect service with creativity, empathy and responsibility. Are we losing our jobs in the travel industry? So far, at least, AI technology has not meant a decline in jobs, in fact tourism jobs are on the up. There are still so many jobs within travel that are better performed by humans than bots. We are a long way from robots cooking up dinners in restaurants, making beds in hotels and recommending their favourite restaurant in that remote village in the middle of nowhere in France. Some experts even seem to think that AI will create jobs that are far beyond our imagination. Amazon’s Alexa and Google are not going to be the new travel agents just yet, given that almost a fifth of Brits still books their trips through a travel agent. A personal touch from a real person is still hard to

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