Benefits And Disadvantages Of Ubiquitous Computing Application

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Introduction In the world of technology in the 2st century, wearables have become famous in various domains of application inclusive of entertainment, security and healthcare. Their small size, autonomy and pervasiveness has enlarged the potential of such devices to be employed within distinct scenarios and activities (Pentland 2010). For example, Google glass is one such wearable ubiquitous application wherein computers are immersed into real environment and operations are unattended. Data is collected by wearable devices in a ubiquitous manner and consistently on any user and also over their external environment. Through such advanced computing usage there are several benefits and disadvantages that can be delivered. This essay…show more content…
It is a range finder in GPS that was especially for providing players with accurate data from course. The usage is eased and offers much convenience: In such form, computing offers various ways of using a devise with this technology in it depending over the circumstance and the requirements. The technology comes in several sizes and shapes. Watches have come a far road from simply being pieces to keep time. There has been improvement of exponential nature and advancement within the watches field and even now the basic smart devices have the ability of performing calculations involving tedious tasks, pass over notifications inclusive of capability of responding to them without even using phones and translation is possible (Kidd et al 2010). More technical devices are even able to perform like small computers having individual systems for operations and ability of running applications on the demand of the customer. Such watches currently have been equipped with these sensors allowing them to function as trackers of activity and assistants for personalized digital systems along with fulfilling their tracking time for original function. Also, most individuals require assistants for fitness for which trackers are performing a proper function. Mainly they are designed for monitoring the user’s activities and used in the form of bands. They can as well be used for providing information on any particular activity for example physical

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