Benefits And Downfalls Of The United States

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I. INTRODUCTION Technology is an essential part of human development, but with technological advancements we can see our lives being changed every single day. In Sao Paulo, technology is on the rise and is slowly catching up with the United States and other countries that are quickly developing. With a generation of kids in the United States that have connection to anything at their fingertips, we can notice that our perspectives and modalities are always adapting. America has developed wireless technologies that transfer data with broadband and wireless devices. Streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, ITunes radio, Pandora, Google Play, and Beats Music have provided users with applications to stream music daily. Phone carriers…show more content…
The data transfer rate is very important because it regulates our devices and technologies we use. In general, the data transfer rate reflects changes and improvements in digital technologies, where newer systems, such as solid-state electronics, have resulted in much higher data transfer rates within only a few decades. Often, people mistake transfer rate with broadband, nevertheless, they are two different things working in slightly different ways. Transfer rate looks at the amount of data that has actually been transferred between two different points, while bandwidth is a measurement of the theoretical maximum transfer capacity of a certain point on a network. With all this data flowing freely, there has to be some sort of restriction on how fast different applications are. This is where net neutrality comes into play. For example, online streaming effectively requires your computer to download a new image once every fraction of a second. This takes up much more data than sending a simple email or using a simple application. The result of this is that organizations and bigger users have to buy high performance networks to maximize rates. Companies such as T- Mobile have released unlimited data plans with no cap on, and this has been causing waves throughout the industry. They have been attempting to gain market share with companies like AT&T and Verizon. Now, they offer to pay out the contract fees of customers who switch over. T- Mobile may not be favoring one
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