Benefits And Drawbacks Of Cookies

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‘The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cookies’

Jeff Andrew (B00107736)

Department of Business
School of Business & Humanities
Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
Dublin 15

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Digital Enterprise/Semester one
Personal Development-
Digital Marketing
29th November 2017

Essay #3: Cookies are widely used to track consumers and profile their preferences and interests. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the use of cookies for both businesses and consumers.

Cookies have become an online phenomenon. They have many benefits and drawbacks for both businesses and consumers in modern society. Everyone that has access to the internet, a phone or laptop and uses the Google search engine to browse for their content of interest, is prone to the implementation of cookies on their virtual profiles. Cookies are controversially beneficial to businesses more so than consumers; however, consumers do get suggestions/advertisements of the content they are interested in occasionally.

Consumers often use a search engine such as Google to browse for content that applies to their lifestyle, interests, hobbies and career focused information. Every search that is carried out by a consumer, on any browser, is monitored and recorded. This data is collected using a size 1x1 bit code labelled cookies, that acts
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Prior research has reported that online consumers are often confused about the pros and cons of cookies, also that most are not able to properly identify what a cookie is (Ha et al. 2006; Hoofnagle 2005). Many consumers are not aware of numerous technologies that they can use online which can reduce the invasion of privacy through cookies, at no extra
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