Benefits And Drawbacks Of Nonrenewable Resources

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Nikita Gidh
Ms. Adams
13 January 2015
Different Resources: Benefits and Drawbacks There are many resources in the world used by the people of this world. The resources people use are called natural resources. All of these different resources have different uses and are used in different places in the world, but all of them are used to power inventions humans have made. Therefore, important resources are separated into two different categories: nonrenewable resources- resources humans use faster than they can be replenished and renewable resources- resources that seem almost inexhaustible. While all of these resources have their pros, they also have their flaws. Coal is good example of a nonrenewable resource as well as a fossil fuel, a subcategory of nonrenewable resources. There are two types of nonrenewable resources found: fossil fuels, like coal, natural gas, and oil, and nuclear energy. Since coal is a fossil fuel, it is literally made out of fossils. Coal was only produced once, because there had to be a point in time when the decayed plants would be able to retain their energy from photosynthesis. This energized decayed plant matter became known as peat, which turned into coal as it underwent intense heat and pressure over time. . Coal has many uses, such as steel production and electricity. Coal is not only an important resource, because although there is a limited supply, it can be found all over the world at ancient swamps and mountains making

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