Benefits And Drawbacks Of Online Classroom

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Online classrooms are a new, innovative concept. Benefits and drawbacks of online classrooms all depend on individual students and how they learn. This all depends on learning style, internet access, reliable transportation, and more. It can, however, have more benefits than it does drawbacks. It can be said that online classrooms have more drawbacks than they do benefits, such as students being unable to access the internet at home, or technical complications. Students might have a harder time learning online, as well. However, this is to be expected. Nothing in life will always work one hundred percent of the time. There will always be drawbacks and issues that need to be worked out in everything people use and go through.

The benefits of online classrooms are incredible. Many students are tardy to class or do not show up and have to go through truancy because of this. This can be because of a lack of reliable transportation, such as their parents being unable to drive them to school and back, or living in an area where the buses do not pick them up. With online classrooms, truancy and absences can be avoided since students can just access their classrooms from home instead of physically going to the school. Another issue that can be solved with online classrooms is anxiety associated with going to school. Students with anxiety or other mental illnesses can be too nervous or afraid to talk in front of their peers or ask questions that others would find obsolete, so
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