Benefits And Effects Of Prekindergarten Education

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THE BENEFITS AND EFFECTS OF PREKINDERGARTEN EDUCATION 1 The Benefits and Effects of Prekindergarten Education Justine Gruenberg EFR 500 University of North Dakota Abstract Across the nation, more and more people want to see children receive quality education before kindergarten. Public opinion polls suggest that 70 percent of adults favor such programs, partly because of the irresistible idea that "starting early," and ensuring that children arrive at school ready to learn, will greatly impact their education and the trajectory of the rest of their lives (Jones, 2014). The focus of the review is on information presented on prekindergarten education effectiveness and its role in setting…show more content…
Head Start is administered by the federal Department of Health and Human Services, not the Department of Education; it focuses not just on education but on the whole child, allocating significant funds to health and social services. The third category, which might be termed community programs, is less well defined. These are non-profit programs, although in some cases parents pay a portion of the cost. The programs may receive funds from government child-care organizations, city agencies, community groups, or private donors. Many different groups operate such programs, including community centers; social service, housing, or city agencies; and churches and other non-profit entities. The fourth category is for-profit centers. These are not discussed in this review, as there has been minimal research to examine their effectiveness and are not often included in studies of classroom quality. In the few general observational studies of early childhood centers within a particular geographic area, for-profit centers were found to be of lower quality on average than programs in the other three categories. (Burchinal, Kainz, Cai, 2010) For-profit centers are also less likely to be influenced by state regulations for early childhood programming (Phillips, Gormley, Lowenstein, 2009). How Many Children Attend Prekindergarten Programs? The
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