Benefits And Life Saving Properties That Vaccines Have For Children And Their Future

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Many parents are choosing to forgo vaccinating their young children as of late due to the speculation that vaccines cause life-altering conditions such as Autism, or even something as serious as SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. Although this debate has been on going for quite some time now; many of what these parents do not understand is that correlation does not cause causation. A child may have Autism and had been vaccinated and naturally that parent wants to blame something on the reason their child has this disorder so of course they would want to blame the vaccines for this. However, what they do not understand and take into consideration are all the benefits and life saving properties that vaccines have for children and their future. While the only way to create true life-long immunity to a disease is through natural exposure; Children should be vaccinated because not only does it keep the child safe and healthy, but the entire family as well, vaccines are safe and very effective, and Vaccines prevent life threading diseases and viruses.
Newborn children do not have the best immune system. They do not build up a strong enough immune system to fight of basic pathogens until many months’ even years later on into their life. This factor makes babies much more vulnerable to illnesses than older children or adults. By the time a child reaches even the age of 3 or 4 years old their immune system has been exposed to many different pathogens allowing their bodies to make
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