Benefits And Negative Effects Of Fiber

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Effects of Fiber
Sara Brann, Monica Martinez, Jihaan Garrett,
Mary Watters, and Amanda Turcotte
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Fiber, with its chief contribution being to support healthy bowel movements, is known as a dietary necessity. Focusing on the benefits and negative effects, fiber is a unique substance that humans consume in various amounts on a daily basis (Harvard Health Publications, 2015). As with other substances too much may be harmful and too little could be detrimental. If a healthy diet must maintain a certain amount of fiber to aid in bodily functions, there must be an unhealthy amount of fiber at both ends of the quantity scale. As the nutrition movement remains underway we see many conflicting and controversial information with regard to various nutrients. What is claimed to be beneficial to our health one day can often be counter claimed later by a different group examining the health evidence stating an opposite effect, or claims to have no benefit at all. With regard to fiber, a substandard amount versus an appropriate quantity has numerous effects on the health of an individual.
Approximately 80% of Americans do not get the proper amount of daily fiber (Dietary Fiber Has Benefits Beyond Regularity, 2013). The majority of fiber is reasonably preferred to be acquired from fruits, veggies, and grains. Examples of high fiber foods include: beans, split peas, artichoke hearts, pears, raspberries, blackberries, sweet potato, prunes, figs, apple,

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