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Users and Objectives
Steve Marcus – Mr. Steve is SGI’s sole shareholder; thus, he is responsible to practice the company’s culture which emphasizes integrity and commitment to improving the community. Steve is admired for his core values which reflect in his ethical behaviors. He wants to make sure SGI’s financial reporting follow GAAP and that it is faithful to present to the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services due to funding agreement between them.
Nova Scotia Department of Community Services (DCS) – Based on the grant funding agreement between SGI and DCS, DCS’s main concern is reported salary and wage expenses incurred in the six grocery stores of SGI as per audited financial statements. Since DCS will reimburse 10% and 50% of the total salary and wages expenses of employees and employees with physical and mental disabilities, respectively; DCS wants SGI to appropriately report salary and wage expenses in details and separately. DCS might assign an auditor to audit SGI’s salary and wage expenses if needed.
SGI’s employees – This is secondary objective due to the fact that there might be a change in bonus plan in 20x10. Since the first bonus calculation will be based on next year’s earnings, it is important to properly report earnings in 20x10. There are assumptions that some amounts could be inappropriately accrued or deferred in 20x9 to increase earnings in 20x10.
ASPE – Since SGI has stores in rural communities and by interpreting from the size

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