Benefits And Potential Risks Of Using Ever Advancing Technology

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1. Purpose of brief. The purpose of this brief is to expand on the benefits and potential risks of using ever advancing technology, on the 21st century battlefield, to supplement long-established fundamental soldiering skills and the impacts it may have on Australia’s future soldiers.
2. Scope of brief. This brief will discuss the following:
a. The revolution of military technology.
b. The use of technology in modern warfare.
c. The integration of the LAND 125 Soldier Combat System.
3. Background.
a. War, in ancient times, was won by soldiers in the fray. The Spartans, the Greeks and the Romans, these great empires were considered to be the masters in close combat. All of them sharing one philosophy, that ‘new always
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The Revolution of Military Technology
4. It was approximately 2500 BC when military technology was revolutionised with the development of bronze weapons and armour. More than 500 years later both the chariot and composite were fashioned due to the domestication of horses. The chariot allowed for rapid movement on the battlefield, with the bow providing a lethal advantage over masses of inadequately armoured infantrymen. Then came the Middle Ages where for the next thousand years the battlefield was dominated by the mounted Knight. The use of mounted heavy armoured units was the catalyst of causing psychological shock to an opposing force, a tactic still practiced today. But it was not until the advent of gunpowder, in the mid 14th Century, that military technology was truly revolutionised and the battlefield was transformed again with the introduction of small arms. Subsequently, it was the smoothbore musket (16th Century) that became the weapon of choice for close to 250 years. During this time of ‘stasis’ , weapons remained relatively simple, and the regular soldier required very little training on the battlefield.
5. It was not until midway through the 19th Century that military technology was again revolutionised on a grand scale which continued into the 20th Century with the onsets of WWI and WWII. Although soldiers still fought each other in a
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