Benefits And Problems Of Group Decision Making

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Hayley Barker 15064941 Understanding & Managing People - Shahida Choudhary Discuss the benefits and problems of group decision-making in organisations. Intro: definition Body: BENEFITS: The first benefit of group decision-making could be that there is a majority to influence; as the group can all discuss & make decisions formally as a group they are happier. As decisions usually are not made until the group has formally discussed and made a decision, all members of group have time to make decisions and contribute ideas to meetings. Thus creating a positive working synergy and an increased efficiency as people are motivated to work had due to their ideas that have contributed. LOOK FOR THEORIST. However, not all employees are…show more content…
Each of the group members ideas can bounce off one another to overall create the perfect idea that suits most aspects of the contributions of the group. It also takes into account the broad scopes of experience as newer individuals may create different ideas that have not been influenced by working in the company for a longer period of time. If longer serving employees take over sometimes this can hinder ideas as they are focusing on the norms in which the group may usually follow. Group decision making is also a good training ground for new employees. This is by introducing them into group decision making in ways such as meetings. This is an advantage as it starts new employees off in a new environment where they listen to other peoples ideas in order to generate ideas of their own. This will give new employees a better understanding of what they need to look for on group projects thus forming an independent mind set in which they can generate innovative ideas of their own. Additionally, it also gives a ‘balanced perspective’ as the organisation is getting more feedback from individuals due to the structure of the group. This means one idea that an individual may have considered to be a brilliant idea; another group member may highlight issues that other individuals may not have noticed. As all group members are mandated to give feedback this means you
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