Benefits And Problems Of Group Decision Making

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Hayley Barker 15064941 Understanding & Managing People - Shahida Choudhary Discuss the benefits and problems of group decision-making in organisations. Intro: definition Body: BENEFITS: The first benefit of group decision-making could be that there is a majority to influence; as the group can all discuss & make decisions formally as a group they are happier. As decisions usually are not made until the group has formally discussed and made a decision, all members of group have time to make decisions and contribute ideas to meetings. Thus creating a positive working synergy and an increased efficiency as people are motivated to work had due to their ideas that have contributed. LOOK FOR THEORIST. However, not all employees are comfortable discussing in a group formation and so therefor may not contribute as much due to overwhelming pressure or a lack of confidence. Additionally not everyone is always going to be satisfied with the overall decisions. MAYO indicated that individuals with similar or same ideas may group together so they can get their own way. This may make other members of the group feel weak as they know they are not able to get their points across if they 're not backed by as many people. Even though it may increased motivation based efficiency, they are still going to lack efficiency as group decisions take longer to come to an overall conclusion on. Furthermore, there is also greater knowledge due to the sharing of the information within a group.

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