Benefits And Retention Strategies For Students

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Retention Strategies Non-tradition, virtual classrooms are rapidly becoming more common among schools of nursing. These online courses offer flexibility to students who otherwise would not be able to attend a traditional face-to-face class. Although, these classroom offer convenience to the nursing student, studies have demonstrated retention rates are lower than programs offered in conventional brick and mortar school (Gilmore & Lyons, 2012). Retention rates are an important factor for schools. Ellis (2016), states “a low graduation rate or high attrition rate can indicate problems with admission criteria, the curriculum, or teaching effectiveness and mentoring of students” (p.499). The aim of this writing is to survey students and explore factors that have an impact on retaining students enrolled in online studies. An essential element of the online learning environment is interaction with both classmates and the instructor. This presence has been cited as being one of the most critical factors affecting how a student perceives their experience in online studies. It has also been described (Kang & Im, 2013). The term presence, has been used in literature dating back to the 1960s describing the interaction nurses have with others that enhances well-being. Traditional classrooms are naturally setup to provide the benefit of presence, whereas an online learning environments are not and can be challenging for both instructor and student. Interaction is vital for
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