Benefits And The Limits Of Two Business Model

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Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to highlight the benefits and the limits of two Business Model Innovation tools that I would definitely use in my future career in the marketing field. Indeed, I would like to work as a marketing manager in a fast-moving consumer goods company and the use of the tools assimilated during this course would certainly provide me the possibility to develop and transmit the innovations and the ideas in a clear and effective way. The tools that will be taken into consideration in this paper are the Business Model Canvas and the Disruptive Thinking. Main Part The business model canvas can be described as a chart divided in blocks that gives the possibility to understand the business model of a…show more content…
However, this tool has also some limitations, which are relevant if observed from a marketing point of view. Indeed, with the advent of the marketing 3.0, marketers are not only interested in providing the customers with the goods and services that they are seeking and in achieving their satisfaction, but also in carrying out the visions, values and missions of the firm, which can lead to an improvement of the environment and the society. In order to take into consideration such new aspects of the field of marketing, the business model canvas should be modified in order to include, for examples, two more blocks concerning the costs and the benefits of an innovation for the society and the environment, i.e. for the community (Fusco, 2013). Furthermore, the business model canvas could also partially limit my creativity as marketing manager because of the two sections concerning the cost structure and the revenue streams. In fact, although these two blocks are very useful – since they offer the possibility to take into consideration the planning of the expenses and the weaknesses regarding the inflows and the outflows that the innovation will generate –, they would limit my creativity. Indeed, the fact that I have to consider also the costs and the revenues while creating a business model canvas, would

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