Benefits Associated With A Cloud Based Enterprise Resource Planning Essay

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Executive Summary As a medium sized company who wishes to enhance their e-business presence by incorporating an online Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model that sell its products directly to the consumer (Baltzan, pp. 207, 2015) and aligning the right information systems and technology to their overall business strategy is vital to their success. The business plan recommended by the company is to implement a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that supports and enhances their current information systems and technology (IS&T) requirements. By outsourcing the IS&T to a web-based company, it will greatly reduce the associated costs and simplify the implementation than the creation of a local system. Some of the benefits associated with a cloud-based ERP are the following areas: Customer relationship management, Human Resources, project management, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, business intelligence, workforce management, and reporting. Another important aspect revolving around this type of solution is that the cloud-based ERP will be tasked with the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the company’s website and customer portal. The website will be the primary customer relationship management portal, wherein customers are able to research the company, obtain support, view merchandise, and make purchases. Since customer relationship management module is sales-focused, the sales and marketing team will be able to utilize the
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