Benefits For Part Time Workers

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Case Study 3:
Benefits for Part-Time Workers
Ken Davis
Liberty University

Introduction In this weeks’ case we have Jackson, Smith and Henderson (JSH) Certified Public Accountants (CPA) one of the fastest growing CPA firms in the area. The firm has “just under 100 employees” (Martocchio, 2015, p.260) of which two have requested part-time statues. The firm had already considered hiring additional part-time workers, consequently the firm need to make a Human Resource (HR) decision, to decide when and should the company extend the benefits to part-time workers. Therefore, understanding what the Employment and Labor Laws prior to the offering of extended benefits to part-time employees should be the first place to start for any firm.
Human Resource Management: Employment & Labor Law Any company that is considering hiring a sizeable amount of workers would want to know the Employment & Labor Laws (E&LL). According to the U.S. Department of Labor (2015), who oversees federal employment and labor law, recruiting employees or building an administration team is therefore required to offer their employees benefits. There are sources namely, the FirstStep-Employment Law Advisor (FSELA) who can help employers determine which major Federal employment laws administered by the U.S DOL and apply the applicable laws to their business or organization (U.S. DOL, 2015). Subsequently, there are three responsibility of the FSELA. First, the FSELA provides a short primer on…

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