Benefits For Successful Integrated Reimbursement

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Testimonials We have helped many companies with successful integrated reimbursement strategies. See some testimonials below. Coding Services Testimonials Unusual medical device is assigned appropriate code: Global Integrated Reimbursement Services Inc. was contracted by our medical device company to guide us through the application for Medicare coding. It was important to us that we obtain the appropriate code for the product. We have an unusual product that is patent pending and it was not obvious to what coding classification it best fit. Sajini Thomas met with us to educate us in the coding, coverage and payment rules for the code that was appropriate for our product. They assisted in the complete, thorough and detailed applications that provided the payer all the information that was required to make an appropriate coding decision. We also consulted on whether it would be best to meet with the review board and decided it wasn’t necessary due to the thoroughness of our application. As a result we were able to obtain the appropriate code we applied for in a timely manner. I would recommend GIRS and Sajini Thomas highly. Chief Executive Officer, Medical Device Company Medical technology product goes from uncovered to covered by Medicaid: Our company recently enlisted the services of Sajini Thomas of Global Integrated Reimbursement Services, Inc. to obtain Federal recognition of our product for a specific HCPCS code. Ms. Thomas’ thorough understanding of the Medicare

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