Benefits For Therapeutic Patients With Aat ( Animal Assisted Therapy

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“Animals are such agreeable friends- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” (George Eliot) for that reason they are the future of therapy. There are so many benefits for therapeutic patients with AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy)(Citation) so why doesn 't animal assisted therapy have a place in medicine. Experience has found animals to be keen observers of human behaviour, specifically dogs. The experimentation with animal therapy was based on the idea that the majority of people enjoy cute animals and by nature they are loyal and considerably one of life’s good things (Citation). The idea of animals being cute and delightful is non-exclusive to any age, race, ethnicity, gender or religion. There are various studies as well as personal testaments that focus on how individuals function better when in the presence of animals. The lack of judgement by the animals is comforting to people. Amy McCullough, National director of research and therapy touched on this by saying that “they accept you for the way you are flaws and all. They are so forgiving and they are always happy to see you. Their behavior is just so consistent and so consistently happy that I think it’s just comforting to people knowing that there is a being there that you can always count to be happy to see you and not judge you for anything you’ve done.” (Citation) Wilson 2
Not only is animal therapy beneficial for the venting and communicating factor it also aids in teaching adolescents how to interact
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