Benefits Of A Car Is Necessary While Living On Campus

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Here at FGCU, many students have concerns toward transportation and if a car is necessary while living on campus. There are many resources throughout the University that make it possible for students that do not have a car, to get around. The highly organized and preferred transportation is the campus shuttles that go around to every dorm village and pick up students to bring them to the campus.
On the FGCU website, there is a section called ‘Transportation’ that shows all of the opportunities students get to utilize. If not the shuttles, there is carpooling, bicycle rentals, and car rentals that are offered to students 18 years and up. Campus shuttles are used by the majority of FGCU students that live on campus. These shuttles are made so that students can have transportation other than walking. Although campus shuttles can be beneficial in many ways, there are some people who do not take the shuttles for numerous reasons.
Victoria Leeds, student at FGCU states that “I’ve taken the shuttle four times, but I rather walk to campus because that is the only exercise I get here.” She resides in the North Lake village and that is the closest dormitory to the campus. It was also said that it takes her 8-10 minutes to walk to campus.
Another student at FGCU who lives in North Lake village, Emani Feliciano, said that she takes the shuttle because “if I am running late and don’t have time to walk, I can hop on the shuttle and be in class within 5-7 minutes.” She said “as long as I…
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