Benefits Of A Career In Nursing

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I was always told that a career in nursing should be something that has a reliable income that can support your home and family with a little extra to save. I later learned that while the monetary aspect of a career is important finding a career that I love and pays well never feel like work but rather a paid passion. Passion about a nursing career allows me to focus all my energy on an obtainable goal where I can enjoy the journey and the destination. My disabilities can make normal physical tasks a challenge and nursing can be difficult even for well-prepared individuals but sometimes a little pain now can help me down the road. However, my love of knowledge gives me an advantage since it allows since it allows me to immerse myself in subjects that interest me which is beneficial because education is an important factor for advancement in the nursing field. Moreover, my passion for nursing leads me to have a great hope for excellent job satisfaction which is something all career seeker hope to obtain. There are many challenges for those going into the nursing career field and even those who are well prepared can face difficult challenges. These challenges can be both physical and mental. Common physical challenges can be lifting patients and being able to restrain contrary patients which can require some physical strength along with the ability to take injuries from flailing patients. Intellectual strain can come from long nights in a high stress, loud environment, juggling responsibilities at work, and constant studying to stay current on all the best techniques. Additionally, a typical nursing schedule can be very hectic with long hours, double shifts, working holidays, weekends both night and day. Having hours like these can cause fatigue and anxiety with the juggling of professional and personal life, this particular challenge can be especially difficult if I want to start a family. To top it off, I must be around potential fatal or harmful substances like blood, feces, radiation, and sharp instruments all of which carry the risk infectious diseases that I could contract. I have my own set of challenges because of disabilities I acquired while in the United States Army. A training injury became worse
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