Benefits Of A College Degree

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The number of high school graduates to go to college has begun to steadily decline in the past few years. Recent studies have shown that now only about sixty-six percent make the jump towards getting a degree. That means almost half the number of young adults don’t apply their selves and miss out on many opportunities for a better life. College has never not been an option for me and was a constant goal to work towards. I remember as a child dreaming about growing up and going to Clemson University. Knowing the day that I ripped open my envelope I had been accepted came with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Many people that I graduated high school with decided not to go to college, and some dropped out entirely. It came as no surprise though; they never appreciated what education could offer or the doors it opened. The benefits a college degree offers are required for a successful future: more opportunities in the job field, a higher paying salary, and networking.
From a young age it was ingrained in my mind that to get a job, you had to go to college first. There are fewer and fewer job openings and the competition continues to get harder. My brother, Jake, just recently graduated and went to his first interview. He said he walked into a stark white waiting room that was full of people who looked exactly like him. It was silent and he could feel everyone’s eyes glaring into the back of his head as he took a seat. The room was stuffy and filled with anxiety. When his

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