Benefits Of A Dental Assistant

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“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams. –Herb Brooks” Many people have dreams, but most of those dreams never get met. Being a dental assistant takes a lot of responsibility and a mind that’s going to get you to the top before stopping. A dental assistant is there to help people who are not comfortable with their smile. They’re the ones who prevent diseases from happening, and tell patients what they have to do to make sure their gums and teeth are healthy. There’s a high amount of job responsibilities to become a dental assistant. Once finishing college a certificate is received to show that the assistant knows what they’re doing and every patient visiting can count on them for getting everything correct the first time. Overtime…show more content…
The more effort that’s put into college will result in a degree and a higher position in the dental work industry. “Take courses in biology, chemistry, and anatomy” (Occupational Outlook Handbook). It’s important to understand the functions of a human body when they’re working on a patient. Taking those classes in high school will likely be a mind refresher when taking them in college, dental assistants have to understand how a patient reacts when there is tools in their mouth. To be a successful dental assistant it’s mandatory to take the three science courses, and to attend at least one year. To sum up being a dental assistant requires a lot of practicing to memorize the mouth, and making sure the patient is satisfied. Salary for a dental assistant varies from having a high school diploma to attending college for a certain amount of time. “Most certified and register or licensed dental assistants with an x-ray license make a minimum hourly wage of 18.00 to start” (“Dental Assistant”). Depending on how long school a dental assistant attends school will result in the pay rate. If graduated or received a certified license it’ll be easier to get payed higher. It is important to attend school, and to follow certain guidelines because it will help in the long run. “Nationally the median annual salary in
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