Benefits Of A Flight Attendant

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Working as a waitress in a bar or a restaurant, and working as a flight attendant may sound the same but these are different types of careers. A flight attendant is a person who offers services to customers in an aircraft. While a waitress or waiter, is a person who offers services to customers at a table in a restaurant. Anybody can become a waitress. But to become a flight attendant, there are certain requirements to meet up with such as; having a valid passport, a passed background checks, a one to two years’ experience in service occupation. A flight attendant need to undergo training and take and exam and can only be awarded the license upon their success. Even though being a waitress or a flight attendant may sound the same due to some similarities in providing services to customers, and ensuring customer’s safety, certain factors make these two careers different from each other. The first difference between these two careers is the knowledge required. Apart from serving food and drinks to customers, a flight attendant has a lot of weeks and months of training to undergo such as; service training, customer’s safety in case of an emergency, and layout such as how to open and lock the door of the plain. Moreover, a waitress requires training too but not as vigorous as a flight attendance. A waitress or a waiter needs to know the various menus, how they are being prepared, and the kinds of ingredients used in case a customer is allergic to something. A waiter or…
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