Benefits Of A Gap Year Essay

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As students sit impatiently at their desk in the concluding hours of their senior year, there are a million things that rush through their mind. Most students will suddenly realize that they have no idea what they will do after high school. A majority will answer by confidently announcing “I’m going off to college!”. Others, will turn up their nose and declare that they “will be staying home to look for a decent job that has an opportunity for advancement because college is far too expensive.” Some will say that they are going to start looking for a long-term job; but in reality, everyone really knows they are going to live in their parents’ basement for much longer than agreed. There are millions of possibilities of what students can do after high school and while everyone gets to make their own decision, very few will consider the best one; a gap year.
A gap year is a period of time (typically an academic year) in which a student takes a break between secondary school and a higher education. Taking a gap year has been encouraged in Europe and Australia for years, whereas in the United States, the idea of taking a gap year didn’t become popular until 2010. In 2010, Australia saw a substantial increase in travel, study, and work abroad programs by young Americans, and soon came up with a program where anyone the ages from 18-30 years old are given the opportunity to work, travel, and study in the country for a 12-month period. (“Leisure & Travel week”) In present day,
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