Benefits Of A Green Company Essay

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Renewable energy has been around a long time, but just recently has there been a real push for green business. Consumers want green products, but that doesn’t mean they are purchasing green products. And although businesses are going “green” they may or may not be making a positive impact on the environment or that the company will be as successful or more successful than other companies who are not considered green. This paper will begin with a brief history of energy sources in the United States to give some insight as to why going green has become such a priority. Then the paper will discuss the definition of a green company and explore the changes companies make to go green. The paper will then conclude with an analysis of whether or not companies are going green and if going green is beneficial for the company. As societies formed and began to grow and expand, the need for more available ways to provide energy grew. With this new growth, more and more energy sources were discovered and put to use. One of the first energy sources to be widely used in America was coal. In 1748, the first commercial coal production began in Virginia where the coal was used to help manufacture various materials for the revolutionary war, then around 1821 coal was burned to create the natural gas in which lamps could be burned on. In 1830, coal really started to reach its peak when it replaced the burning of wood in locomotives. Coal wasn’t the only energy source being discovered and
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