Benefits Of A Health Information Organization

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o Who are the potential players in your area? List all. If I were given the authority to create a Health Information Organization (HIO) for my local area I would desire the support of important stakeholders in my community that would be able to quickly and securely exchange health information (Florida Health Information Exchange a.k.a HIE) to increase efficiency of sharing and meaningfully using Electronic Health Records (HER) technology that allow for physicians to share patient medical records faster and with more accuracy. In my area participating health care providers of medical facilities including, radiology centers, diagnostic laboratories, and public health departments are important contributors in governing the health information exchange for the purpose of improving health and care in my community. In my area of Miami I would try to involve the South Florida Diagnostic Imaging center, the Healthcare Imaging of Kendall LLC, and the HCI Heathcare Imaging centers in my Health Information organization. In addition I would incorporate the Kendall Regional Medical Center, as well as Jackson Memorial Hospital along with local public health clinics that offer information, screenings, and services to the public. o Which services would you offer and why? In my area’s HIO the focus of my organization would be for allowing for health information to be securely exchanged of over the internet, via eHealth Exchange. This HIO could allow for services like disability benefit
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