Benefits Of A Healthy Active Living Policy For Canadian Seniors

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There are many aspects of life that are not being addressed when it comes to seniors living in Canada. Although there are policies that are in place, some of the necessary policies are lacking in quality or are completely non-existent. An example of this would be a policy that promotes healthy, active living to seniors who live in Canada. This would be a vitally important policy that really effects and contributes to an overall better quality of life for older adults. A better quality of life would mean a longer, more independent life for them. By introducing a healthy, active living policy for Canadian seniors, they would be able to participate in a variety of activities that keep them on their feet and moving to the best of their abilities. An examination of the importance of exercise, both in general and specifically towards seniors will prove the need for a policy such as this to exist and be in place in Canada.
A policy that is needed in Canada is a healthy, active living policy. This policy would be called “Aging Healthy, Aging Happy”. The overall goal of the policy would be to encourage seniors to continue to be healthy and active in their everyday life. This means not only physical exercise, but also mental and emotional exercises too. By making these exercise classes and other healthy, active alternatives readily available for little to no cost for seniors, they will be able to participate in things that this policy promotes, and therefore age healthy and
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