Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

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Having a healthy lifestyle could be a challenge to anyone. Although we all know that exercising and eating healthy are crucial for us to keep a good health, for some families these simple steps can be a huge challenge. The most common challenge are lack of time or money. Behind every health issue there is a reason. As a community we need to do research and educate our younger population on what is a healthy lifestyle and its importance. It is necessary that we enjoy a healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
Over the years as our nation grows, so does the appetite of many Americans, and this is why is important to prevent obesity. In recent studies, as obesity rates in the United State continue to increase, childhood obesity is among a persistent concern for the public health. Children between the age of two and five have grown in obesity rate and adolescents aged twelve to nineteen have tripled in that rate. Obesity has not only grown over the span of fifteen years but has become an epidemic among young Americans. But who has to be at fault for the increase of weight in youth? Why is important to prevent obesity in our youths? The cause of this epidemic of obesity is not always parents or the lack of good nutrition/exercise but also the tricks and schemes advertising do to attraction in consumers into buying their products but primary targeting the younger crowd. “Americans today are exposed to an unprecedented amount of readily available high-fat,
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