Benefits Of A Healthy Nutrition

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My sister and her husband are planning to start a family, and she comes to me for advice. They want to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. My sister loves seafood, is a smoker, and drinks on occasion. She doesn’t quite know the importance of quitting these habits. Therefore, I am going to explain teratogens to her. She also needs to know the importance of a healthy nutrition. Teratogens are environmental agents that can harm the embryo or fetus (Rathus, 2015, p 45). This includes drugs, alcohol, and heavy metals, such as mercury which are toxic to the embryo. Cigarette smoke can be extremely harmful to an embryo. Cigarettes contain nicotine and carbon monoxide. These two carcinogens can pass through the placenta reaching the fetus. Carbon monoxide decreases the amount of oxygen reaching the fetus, causing oxygen deprivation. Honestly, every time a pregnant woman smokes a cigarette, it is like they are smothering their unborn child. Deprived oxygen can be connected to impaired motor development, academic delays, learning and intellectual disabilities, and hyperactivity, but that is if the child makes it. Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to deliver smaller babies, stillborn babies, and babies who die soon after birth. Nicotine stimulates the fetus, but the long term effects are uncertain. Alcohol can cause great harm to a baby to. When drinking alcohol while pregnant, the alcohol passes through the placenta posing risks to the embryo and fetus
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