Benefits Of A Laptop Or A Desktop Computer

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As you are reading this essay, you are most definitely using a piece of technology whether a laptop or a desktop computer. As we can see in our society, technology is booming in our industry. Every year, technology scientists discover new amazing features that later get implanted into our daily used electronics. These days, one of the most known technology companies like Microsoft and Apple, compete with each other to release what’s best for their customers especially in computers. Apple and Microsoft might be both manufactures and sellers of similar functional computers but, there are many differences in the way their operating systems attract different people with different style. From the different structure of coding, to the same purpose of creating a type of style people feel most comfortable of using. Having a different mechanical structure and it’s components but, with the same functionality it produces. Lastly, getting use to these operating systems on these machines both take time but, which options they provide will depend who’s the buyer. Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot do the same when it comes to a computer. Both, Apple and Microsoft, have their very own separate operating windows. For Apple it is Mac for short. For Microsoft, it is called Windows. Both provide the same function, the ability to give commands and operate a computer. The difference between these two is that Mac is much known for its great coded scripts in its operating
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